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    Polish Java User Group

    The Polish Java User Group is a group of Java technology developers and enthusiasts. The main goal is to popularize Java and modern software development methodologies. Active since 1999 they were organizing few conferences (including two with Bruce Eckel). Translation of the famous “Thinking in Java” into polish was also their project. Currently they are working on new www.java.pl website and starting regular Java meetings (mostly with guests from abroad). They actively support organization of this year’s Java Developers Day conference.

    Software Developer’s Journal (formerly Software 2.0) is a monthly IT magazine. (Polish edition comes with a CD/DVD cover disc) Monthly print run: 6000 copies.

    Our readers are mainly programmers, who count on us to deliver solutions that will save them time and effort. Our readers want to be informed about the latest developments in the field of IT and don’t want to miss any of the important stuff. To satisfy those needs, we try to present both the latest and hottest topics as well as older, proven technologies. We understand that they question is “how?” and that’s why we illustrate the topics discussed with clear, practical examples and complete projects. We reach the people who equate their jobs with passion; if you want to present your product to the audience who should know about it, Software Developer’s Journal is an excellent way to spread the knowledge of programmers’ tools, application life cycle management, database solutions, computer books, etc.

    The “IT w Krakowie” initiative is led by an informal and independent group of people, whose goal is to integrate, promote, and develop the Krak√≥w IT community.


    The www.interia.pl web portal run by the company offers a wide scope of free and subscribed services for Internet users. The structure of the INTERIA.PL portal may be divided into 5 main sectors:  

    • news services
    • magazines and guides
    • multimedia and interactive entertainment
    • communities and communication
    • new technologies


    • INTERIA.PL company was established in August 1999 on the basis of experience in IT and technology of ComArch S.A. and media impact of the largest radio station in Poland: RMF FM.
    • At present, INTERIA.PL, with several-year experience in its field, is one of leaders of the Polish media and Internet market. Since December 2000, INTERIA.PL S.A. stock are allowed to public trading, and since February 2001 they are recorded in the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

    Activity Profile

    • With the proper technical infrastructure and an outstanding base of human and information resources, the company offers proprietary solutions in the scope of providing services addressed to a broad group of recipients, both to individual users and small and large companies. These services include, among others, e-commerce, creating web pages and websites (web design), hosting and collocation, providing content for external websites and news systems, etc.
    • On the basis of high popularity of its web portal, the company provides promotion and advertising services for commercial entities. A broad range of the offered services includes both standard, price-list based advertising products (e.g. banners, skyscrapers, InterMovie, TopLayer, watermark, mailing), and non-standard solutions, which take into consideration specific needs of any client (sponsored chat, Scroll Footer, Corner Pump-Up)