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  • The second edition of Java Developers Day has been finished! The conference attracted more than 350 attendees - developers creating innovative solutions with Java, programmers, IT department management staff, as well as those just tinkering with this technology.

    JDD 2007 started with the great lecture by Bill Burke, our keynote speaker from JBoss. Those who had read his book “Enterprise Java Beans 3.0”, waited impatiently for Bill’s presentation and they definitely weren’t disappointed. During his lecture Bill talked a lot about practical usage and his experience with EJB3 and JPA. The lucky ones won “Enterprise Java Beans 3.0″ signed by Bill.

    Jonas Boner, our guest from Terracotta Inc., made a great presentation about Open Source Network-Attached Memory and JVM-level Clustering. Conference ended with Jacek Laskowski’s show (it was definitely much more than an ordinary lecture) about creating Java EE applications with Apache Geronimo 2.

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    Some heated disputes took place during the coffee breaks and all attendees had a chance to pick speakers’ brains and discuss recent developments in Java area.

    The huge attraction during the conference were contests organized by PROIDEA and sponsors of Java Developers Day 2007. The best of the best won prizes such as mp4 players and iPod.

    We want to thank all attendees for their participation and creating great atmosphere of the conference. We also thank our sponsors and media patrons for their input in Java Developer Day 2007.


    Media sponsors

    Java Developers Day 2007 be our keynote speaker Bill Burke:

    First, I want to give kudos to PROIDEA, the organizers of the conference. Besides organizing a professional, well-run conference, they went above and beyond the call of duty and made my stay truly special.”

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    This year’s conference will take place at “Witek” Conference Center in Modlniczka. For those who are planning to go by car: see the map. If you want to go to the conference center by conference bus (departure: city center), please check it during registration. You can also go there by small buses, that leave prom car parking lot near Main Station. See the timetable.


    Java Developers Day 2007 - the agenda is available!

    At this year’s conference you will see excellent specialists as well as young enthusiasts. Bill Burke will be our keynote speaker. He is a chief architect of JBoss Inc. and a member of the EJB3 expert group. Bill co-wrote “Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0″ . Our invitation was also accepted by Jonas Boner (Terracotta), who will give a lecture about Open Source Network-Attached Memory and JVM-level Clustering.

    The best polish experts, who work for the top companies in the industry will share their experiences with our attendees. Dariusz Zbik, from Software Mind will present Hadoop, free Java software framework that supports distributed applications running on large clusters of commodity computers that process huge amounts of data. Jakub Dziwisz (Sabre Holdings) will talk about Test-Driven Development and Marek Lasota from IBM will have a lecture “SOA in Java environment”.

    Furthermore, Janusz Marchewa will speak about Oracle Application Development Framework. Jacek Laskowski, the leader of Warsaw Jug and Maciej Machulak from JBoss will also be the speakers at the conference. We invite you to join our workshop “Executable Documentation: Setting-Up The Project Around Acceptance Testing” .

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    Bill Burke - keynote speaker at Java Developers Day 2007!

    We have a pleasure to announce that Bill Burke has accepted our invitation to speak during the conference. He is a chief architect of JBoss Inc. and a member of the EJB3 expert group. Bill co-wrote “Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0.” the book about the technology that is the server-side component architecture for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE). EJB technology enables rapid and simplified development of distributed, transactional, secure and portable applications based on Java technology.

    Randomly selected attendees will be given “Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0.” books that were signed by Bill Burke. The books were donated by Helion Publishing House.


    DRQ Software House - the Golden Sponsor of Java Developers Day 2007.

    DRQ Software House became the Golden Sponsor of Java Developers Day 2007. DRQ performs IT projects for large clients operating in the following sectors: telecommunication, finance, media, public sector and corporations. It specialises in developing customer-made software to meet particular customer needs. \Read more about Golden Sponsor of JDD 07.

    Call for papers

    Call for papers has been completed. Thank you for all suggested topics.

    We will carefully read all the abstracts and ask the speakers to present the best lectures during the JDD 07 conference.


    JDD is organised by Fundacja Wspierania Edukacji Informatycznej “PROIDEA”.

    The PROIDEA foundation was establised in 2004. It came into existence as an answer to the growing demand for organizations whose purpose would be to share and disseminate knowledge in the field of IT. It fullfills its statutory obligations by supporting education and promoting initiatives that popularize IT in schools. The foundation works closely with a group of specialists with extensive knowldege of their fields of expertise. Apart from those core activities, the foundation organizes local and international IT conferences, such as Przedsiębiorstwo – Internet – Informatyka (Enterprise - Internet - IT), MeetBSD (2004, 2005), CONFidence (2005, 2006, 2007), and Future Of Internet Security.


    Java Developers Day 2006 met with the great interest. The event gathered more than 300 participants and has been finished with a great success. The preparations for the next edition of the conference have just begun! Java Developers Day 2007 will take place on the 26th October 2007 in Cracow – polish capital of culture and entertainment. During the conference we will discuss good Java design and programming practises. We invite to participate all the developers creating innovative solutions written in the Java programming language, programmers, IT department management staff, as well as those just tinkering with the Java technology. Once again we give the attendees the possibility to share ideas and opinions and to familiarize the newest events in the field of Java.

    We will carefully choose the best speakers and the most interesting and innovating presentations. You can participate in the decision making process by filling our questionnaire.

    See you at the Java Developers Day 2007!